Drax immediately saw benefits after implementing dataPARC as a data management and sharing solution. All personnel at Drax now have access to essential data from COO to operator.

Results included the following:

  • Superior root cause analysis, tracking data to the event.
  • All users from operators to the COO could view and share information simultaneously.
  • Management of OEE became easier with the ability to be more proactive.
  • Complete adoption and buy in of dataPARC tool by all relevant employees.
  • Fast and efficient historian.
  • Notifications for out of spec equipment and processes.
  • Transformation of morning meetings run on effective displays built in PARCdesigner.
  • Connection of data from all Drax plants around the world.
  • Useful data modeling from "forest to furnace."
  • Remote access to the data was beneficial especially during COVID when staff was out up to six weeks.