Energy Transfer (ET) is a mid-stream energy company headquartered in Houston, TX. ET needed an enterprise solution to help alleviate their data sharing challenges and connect data in 477 facilities. Some of the challenges they faced included:

  • Large data silos meant plant data sources were not connected and therefore could not be compared or analyzed
  • Various reporting methods were being used at different facilities leading to inconsistent data
  • Data management systems were not intuitive and were difficult to use, leading to lack of operator buy in

Download the ET case study to learn how they:

  • Connected all sites and sources of plant data with one centralized system, eliminating data silos
  • Empowered operators, engineers and plant managers with highly-customizable graphic displays
  • Eliminated the need to rip and replace existing systems
  • Experienced zero system downtime
  • Reduced and in some cases eliminated site travel time